Strange how world leaders can lie about the need for war despite every previous war being started by similar lies, send children to their death and injury killing even younger and more innocent children (which by definition is terrorism), and create another temporary distraction (Imus) and another scapegoat,  and still run the world for their own benefit. Once again the poor have been divided and conquered, fighting amongst ourselves, black vs. white, while all the time we are forced to follow the path of less than worthless paper with the name of God printed on it. We could be working for 6 hours per year for a middle class existence, have no prisons, war or super rich and super poor if we would listen to visionaries like Buckminster Fuller, Howard Zinn and other intellectuals whose morality trumps their intellectuality. There are very few people with their head on straight,  and i have been kicked off HIS website for “pimping Howard Zinn,” but HE is merely jealous of a true moral intellectual with actual intellect and morality. There have been plenty of intellectuals who have killed millions of people. If you haven’t read Zinn read him and maybe we can find a way to transcend the dialect of war and peace (which is merely the other side of war, and has let to war more than any other abstract notion). Please meditate on the fact that man is the only animal that kills over abstract ideas such as “soverign nations, markets, religion, and evil.”  War is not the answer. Peace is not the answer. The solipsistic view is the enlightened view. We are not separate from our environment. We are creating our dream in the day in a very similar fashion to the way we create our dreams at night. We can only kill ourselves. “We have met the enemy and it is us.” (Pogo).


2 responses to “Imus

  1. Fred… Are you still out there?

  2. Since you no longer intend to write to this blog, could you delete it, so that people who want to do something with the awesome name can use it.

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