Hello world!

   The most detailed example of pareidolia in the world. 36 features found in a naturally formed shadow, photographed on 35mm film in 1996 by fred ressler.

These are the most detailed example of pareidolia ever recorded. They show 1.Hair 2.Forehead 3.Right eyebrow 4.Left eyebrow 5.Area under right eyebrow but above eyelid. 6. Area under left eyebrow but above lid. 7.Upper right lid. 8.Upper left lid. 9.Right eye lashes(upper). 10 Orbital bone (pronounced) left eye. 11 Right sclera (white of eye). 12. Left sclera. 13. Right iris. 14. Left iris. 15.Right pupil. 16.Reflection in center of pupil (right eye). 17.caruncle (right eye) proximal bump lay people often erroneously call tear duct. 18. right eye lashes (lower). 19. right lower eyelid. 20. shading upper right eyelid. 21. shading upper left eyelid. 22.lower left eyelid. 23. nose. 24. right cheek. 25.left cheek. 26. Prominent left orbital bone. 27. skin area between nose and upper lip. 28. upper lip. 29.mouth opening. 30.lower lip. 31.chin. 32.neck. 33.adams apple. 34.left shoulder. 35. right shoulder. 36 philtrum


10 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Anybody out there? These photographs are beyond art, science, all words and entertainment, and seem like the most likely chance to get the world out of a war based system. Did anyone ever contemplate the idea that one can make a living doing anything in the world just about from being a geek in the circus (not that there’s anything wrong with it) to being a brain surgeon (not that there’s anything right with it). Why not let being a pareidoliac enter the free market system? Is it because if this happens people will get so obsessed with taking photographs of pareidolia that they will forget their obsession with WAR and PEACE which has led to war more than any other word or concept. We have been given two choices, WAR and WAR. All current jobs are part of the Church, State, Military, Industrial, Educational, Crime, Pseudo-Crime fighting, Media presented conspirational system; and back WAR. If people started to photograph shadows, they would see that these images are being projected from their unconscious minds, and at the same time they are projected to them from what is commonly called “God.” Not the God of organized religions, but the God that is experienced first hand (Gnostically) and was the root and fruit of what became “religion.” This root and fruit was replaced with words, which are quite meaningless unless taken as hints to get us where we obviously need to go. In a sane world we could work 6 hours a year for a middle class existence. No WAR, NO PRISON, NO SLAVERY, NO SLAVE-MASTERY, NO SLAVE RACE, NO MASTER-RACE. Just LIFE. “Taxation is worse than slavery.” (Jean Jacques Rousseau). Our tax dollars go to kill ourselves. There is no separation between one and what one perceives. One believes one is dreating one’s dreams at night. Why not see that one is creating one’s dreams in the day, adopt the solipsistic reality that is and live in heaven here and now as much as possible?

  2. fred –

    Why don’t you start doing some serious writing here? Perhaps, about some of your photography techniques or (gasp!) of a philosophical nature?

  3. Marinade Dave- Good idea Dave. Will do. Won’t be able to keep the philosophy out as you know by now, i feel there is no separation. Was just waiting for some response here before i wrote anything. Your nearby neighbor in Hawthorne. Ever been there?

  4. As pertaining to the photos-
    Please take photographs of shadows yourself and give me feedback. i am curious to know if you to project images from your unconscious as they are projected to you from the highest spiritual source. i am convinced that everything that happens is created by this source (let’s call it Alaha, as this is closer to it’s natural organic chakra resonant term, than is the more common Good/Gothic influenced term “God.” The G letter, which shuts down the throat, as in “gasp” and “gargle” does not strike me as a correct starting letter for the highest spirit. It seems this term should start with a vowel. OOOOOOOOooooooooMMMMMMMmmmmmmm or AAAAaaaLLLLllllAAAAAAaaaHHHHHhhhhhhAAAAAaaaaaa depending what expands ones consciousness. The “D” on the end of “God” is also a shut down letter. The word Stop is a good example of letters and sounds and how they work naturally. One hisses like a snake, with the “S”, repels with the brick wall of the “T,” has the necessary vowel for expansion “O,” and ends with the hard “P” almost like a spit in the face. This is the natural way most words were formed, and this is why i prefer the term Alaha to “God.” Onomatopoeia is the organic origin of most original words and i prefer to stick with that general terminology.
    Aside from this, the term is closer to the original term, as used in the mid east when monotheism came to prominence.
    As far as philosophy goes, i can’t figure out why it has to be so long, wordy and complicated unless it is used to pull the wool over people’s eyes with double talk and ultra metaphysics. i say ultra, because everything is metaphysical for a start, “physics,” just being a neuvo-mecahnical way of looking at things that replaced the void left over upon the collapse of the dogmatic organized religions which were nothing more than the substitute of first hand “Gnosis” (lets call that Alahaosis- On second thought it probably wasn’t called that as it is too similar to “halitosis.” Maybe this is all it was that gave the great Kurgan/Gothic sky God all his power. “Physics” or Science is mere mechanics and has bogged us down to putting everything on a measurable grid, including ourselves, and now we are no more than grated cheese thanks to Rene Descartes the neuvo Platonian spider who re-wove Plato’s web in his never changing cave. In the east it was said that there are two sides, one is change and the other no change. Plato made this “Nothing will ever change, I Plato have found a way to make you all follow me as God forever.” “Jesus” became the next “God-man (the 25 in the series- but after him the doctor/priest cult we still follow said O.K. he was a man who became God but there will be no more, we’ve had enough. This was the end of Gnosticism and the beginning of second hand drivel.Of course his web and cave started to wear thin and needed a rebuild by the infamous subversive and iconoclast Descartes who we all most speak through or be marginalized, ostracized, Osterized, institutionalized or imprisioned or eliminated. Descartes schizophenicized the human race. Saying there is no God. There is no unity. There is no mind/body unity. You must be divorced from not only your self and spouse but from the entire universe.
    Philosophy is simple. Please see and comments welcome-
    Want to join up to change the world where we can add change despite Plato/Descartes/Hegel? Please add to this blog. Thanks- and remember we could live a middle class existence and work 6 hours a year with no prison, war, and 2% owning 50% of the world, and 50% owning 1%. Is this the great democracy and moderation that we have had shoved down our throats since grade KKK? Remember the imortal words of F. Nietzsche “I must create my own system, or live by the system of another.” Lets create our own system FOR WE ARE ONE.

  5. Killer template look, fred!

    Don’t forget to template your other blog, too!

  6. What other blog? Where is it, fred?

  7. Dave- i deleted the other blog. It was just an anomaly that i inadvertently created signing up to this one, due to my general cyber illiteracy. Thanks for asking though.

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